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    Solution-Designed Events

    HB Live is a full-service event production company that develops and executes event solutions to elevate the audience and presenter experience. We engage with meeting planners, event producers, program executives, marketing professionals, and agencies to collaborate on outstanding event solutions. Our live and virtual broadcast production capabilities enable our customers to deliver powerful experiences for a local audience or around the world. HB Live’s solution-designed events can be customized to any need and our thirty years of experience guarantees that your event goes off without a hitch.

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    Live Event Services

    On-Site Events

    Hosting your in-person events require thoughtful preparation at all stages of production. Traditional designs meet unique solutions when you partner with our skillful team. Provide your audience with an intimate and engaging event, no matter how large or small. We’ll handle the video, audio and all elements to create an environment to match your ideas. Partner with HB Live and focus on the event rather than worry about sound, PowerPoint, video playback or anything else.

    Hybrid Events

    Hybrid events combine the best of the On-Site events with the convenience of Virtual. Our approach is a methodical and thoughtful process which applies unique solutions for presenters and attendees. Each person involved in the event, whether contributing or consuming has a different perspective. We recognize these individualized needs and craft each experience utilizing technology in surprising ways. Host an effective hybrid event with HB Live, and you’ll never torture your audience with a plain on-line event again.

    Virtual Events

    On-line-only events became a necessary part of business communications in 2020 and will continue to be a big part of our lives for years to come. Elevate your Virtual Events with better experiences. HB Live adds TV-like production for meetings, webinars, live streams, commencements and any event needing to reach a remote audience. We coach and manage presenters, handle media and leverage collaboration platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Our customizable, fully-scalable solution can reach audiences exceeding 10,000 viewers globally.

    Solution List
    • Audio
    • AV Staging
    • Cameras, Switching, Recording
    • Lighting
    • Preproduction Services
    • Producers and Moderators
    • Projection and Display
    • Virtual Event Production
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    Professional sound for any occasion. Our systems are scalable from an intimate fireside chat all the way up to 10,000 attendees at a concert or commencement. Our technical team is experienced in live sound for all settings as well as broadcast and streaming. Equipment is lovingly cared for and up to date.

    Professional camera setup

    AV Staging

    In Person and Hybrid events require careful utilization of stage and sets, rigging of screens and drapery, and the integration of confidence monitors, countdown clocks, and teleprompters that often appear invisible to the live audience. Many of these elements are undervalued and are key to making presenters confident and the event visually pleasing.

    Man standing behind large video production camera

    Cameras, Switching, Recording

    We specialize in multi-camera production for all style events. Our ready-to-go studio and remote control (PTZ) cameras can be configured to each events’ specific requirements. Switching systems start at a basic level and grow to feature lots of inputs and outputs in 2M/E flypacks. Our operators have worked on events including corporate, sports, live auction and higher education and know how to get the best shot to create that audience experience.

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    The effective use of theatrical lighting is crucial to the success of events. It helps cameras pick up details of your talent and sets the mood for the audience. Lighting design is an art form and a powerful tool for in-person, hybrid and virtual events. Our inventory of LED and traditional stage lighting brings the room alive with a dramatic stage wash, pin spots, or uplights for the backdrop. Whether it’s an in-house screen or a virtual set, the presenter will always look their best.

    The HB Live team

    Preproduction Services

    Your event starts as soon as you call. Preproduction includes room and technical drawings, resource management, site visits and much more. Our project managers are experts at translating your ideas and requirements to results and their efforts ensure we precisely meet your expectations.

    HB Live stage manager

    Producers and Moderators

    Almost every event requires a person that everyone looks at for cues and guidance. This person will help you develop and execute a seamless run of show and highly engaging event by taking on the technical and logistical details for you. Also known as a Director or Show Caller, they will be well-tuned to your presenters and their content and help deliver an exceptional experience.

    event production services - professional equipment

    Projection and Display

    Content comes in many flavors, and we have lots of options to get it on the big screen. Our inventory includes high-brightness video projection, large format LED Walls (dvLED) and a wide range of direct-view monitors (up to 90”). Our technicians are experienced with using displays in unique ways and have some great ideas to help create a great audience experience.

    close up of HB Live professional camera

    Virtual Event Production

    HB Live helps clients get the most out of their Virtual Events. We feature highly-qualified technical team who will help you to run your Zoom or Microsoft Teams event. We have solutions to help you reach your local or global audience on streaming services including EventCasting, YouTube, Facebook Live, and more.

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