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Why You Need an Event Producer or Director for Your Next Live Event

Why You Need an Event Producer or Director for Your Next Live Event

When it comes to business, live events provide a unique opportunity to share not just your product, but also your passion through great presentation tools and coordination. However, the distance between a great presentation idea and great presentation delivery can seem like an insurmountable challenge without the right help. For every element of live events, from video, to sound and streaming, there is an opportunity to dazzle and the opportunity to falter. With so much on the line, taking advantage of professional help can make the difference between sharing spellbinding ideas and standing on a dark stage with a squealing mic.

There is a reason that projects of all kinds benefit from excellent management and organization.  General Contractors, symphonic conductors and consultants have experience understanding all the elements that lead to success and can prevent issues before they occur.  The same applies to a live event. When an important conference, meeting or presentation comes up, it pays—sometimes literally— to have a live events professional on your side for your AV planning and production needs. Hiring a producer or director for your live event is a best practice that can make all the difference. Let’s explore some reasons why you’ll want to go that route for your next live event. 

Live Events Producer or Director as Traffic Cop

Before any event, the Producer will spend the time understanding the event and organizing all your content into a run-of-show.  Content can be speeches, story-telling, PowerPoint, videos – anything that conveys your message to your audience.  Having good “flow” from presenter to presenter is essential to keeping the energy up and holding the attention of the audience. If you’re presenting a panel or have multiple presenters, having a live events professional to manage the presentation can help keep you on schedule and ensure that the conversation remains productive. As anyone who has ever sat through a disorganized conference knows, the chaos is remembered, the message quickly forgotten.

Your producer or director will also help your presenters coordinate the necessary cues, rehearse the AV portion with participants, and make sure ALL presentations go off without a hitch.  They also ensure that the AV crew is tuned into every cue and impactful moment so there are no mistakes or distractions. 

On-Location = Resourceful Value 

When you have a live producer or director on location, their focus is on managing your plan as well as the un-planned so you can focus on your attendees and presenters. Well planned and well managed events ensure you get the most from your audio and visual content, and that on-location person is responsible to respond to last minute equipment or presentation changes. A production company has one job: to make sure your live event looks and sounds the best it can, and that your attendees leave feeling it was time well-spent — whether it’s a presentation, a trade show, or special event.

Creative Vision

Whatever your creative vision is, only a company offering the full range of live event services will be able to bring it into living color and sound. With a live event producer or director, you will also have access to a complete creative team who can help you pull off the look and sound that you want. With the diversifying needs of video as an arm of brand interaction, being able to offer a variety of AV experiences is key to capturing your audience’s attention.

Outsource Your Stress

The pressure to pull off a great event, whether it’s for a handful of interested investors or an auditorium filled with paid attendees, is the only predictable element of any live event. Hiring a live event producer/director is your opportunity to offload some of that stress and pressure. 

As the adage goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and a live event might be your only opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand to new customers. If you’re using your live event to launch a product or give valuable consumer information, you should ensure the delivery of captivating AV in innovative ways by hiring the right professional to make sure it’s done right. We can help you with that!