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Toss Out the Old Q&A

man holding HB Live Q&A catch box

If you struggle to get your audience to interact, ask questions and contribute to your event, try literally throwing out the mic for questions!

The worst part of Q&A sessions:

  • Attendees who want to ask questions anonymously by text.
  • Individuals too shy to be the first to ask a question.
  • Large audiences that require a staffer to run around the room with a mic making the traditional Q&A model impractical.

man holding HB Live Q&A catch boxProducts like Catchbox make Q&A more entertaining. Catchbox is a wireless microphone contained in a padded cube that can be passed or, better yet, tossed around the room. It speeds up Q&A because you don’t have to wait to pass the mic and it boosts audience engagement because who doesn’t want to throw around the mic? The audio is reliable, and there’s no more worries about dropping the mic.

Works with any sound system & event size

The Catchbox comes in two versions to accommodate for different types of sound systems and use cases; whether it be a small breakout session of 20 attendees, to a theatre hall of several thousand, the Catchbox can be connected with ease.

Light & Soft

The Catchbox is made from a combination of durable light foams and technical fabrics, making it extremely light for its size as well as durable. All the hard electronic components are hidden inside, ensuring that dropping and throwing the device won’t damage the device or the person catching.

Professional Sound Quality

Catchbox was designed first and foremost to have great audio quality. Not only has the frequency response of the mic been optimized for speech, but the special construction of the device eliminates all handling noises, whilst the automute feature mutes the mic automatically when it is dropped or thrown.

Active Mute

To avoid unwanted noises caused from throwing and dropping, Catchbox comes with a patent pending technology called Automute. Automute senses the motion of the Catchbox and temporarily switches off the audio when the device is thrown, caught or dropped.