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    Make An Impact With Audio

    Audio needs to make an impact — clear, intelligible sound does just that and more!  Speeches, music and soundtracks must immerse your audience in the moment. Attendees — both live and online — must be able to hear what’s happening clearly and comfortably.

    Corporate events, commencements, concerts and worship services all have unique audio requirements that must be optimized for the setting. With professional sound services, HB Live offers a range of trusted services to help your audience get the most from your event and leave remembering what they heard and enjoyed. Partner with us as you plan your program for powerful, creative events that spark inspiration.

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    Our Live Sound Services

    At HB Live, we understand that each client and event has unique goals and requirements, and we’re here to provide customized live event audio services that match your vision for your event. You may be planning an intimate panel conversation or a live auction. We offer solutions to seamlessly fit your program’s specific scope with our fully scalable services.

    Our audio solutions prioritize professionally balanced audio that fits the setting and ensures attendees can hear easily. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind and focus on your audience while we handle all the details of audio equipment setup, implementation and adjustments as needed. Our expert team handles the behind-the-scenes logistics, providing a smooth and high-quality experience for everyone at the event.

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    Benefits of Professional Audio Solutions From HB Live

    Our professional audio services can help make your vision of a powerful event a reality. Our professional sound options provide advantages like these to support your planning:

    • Seamless implementation: Our experienced team will evaluate your event and specific venue requirements and keep things running without a hitch from start to finish.
    • Attention to performance riders: We’ll review the performance rider and work with artists to craft the audio system.
    • Custom services: We will work with you to identify your unique program and event goals, developing a custom package to deliver the results you want for your event.
    • Optimized audience experience: With dynamic, professional audio effects that help keep attendees grounded in the moment, we create the best possible experience for your audience across diverse settings.
    • Creative solutions: Bringing decades of experience to support your event goals, our team offers innovative ideas and up-to-date equipment to maximize quality.
    • Trained, experienced staff Operating equipment is a given, but our crew also knows how to make your talent comfortable and confident because we have experience working with CEOs, high-end keynote presenters and famous artists.

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    Sound Services We Offer

    As a full-service event production company, we can provide a range of live event audio services for your event:

    • Live sound: We can craft a dynamic, professional audio experience, including an expert selection of equipment appropriate for the venue, audience and talent.
    • Broadcast sound: If you want to broadcast your event, our engineers can craft a discrete mix for the live stream audience.
    • Wireless microphone management: We make having multiple wireless microphones a breeze.
    • Conference solutions: Specialty equipment for your board meeting, congress session or business event helps manage rules of order in an easy-to-use solution.
    • Connect to hybrid: When you need to connect live to and from Zoom, Teams or WebEx, you need the special attention to sound in the room and online that we can provide.
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    Optimize Your Attendees’ Audio Experience With HB Live

    At HB Live, we offer exceptional attention to detail and value our clients’ vision. Our goal is to help you design a personalized, professional event that leaves audiences in awe. We want to help you be successful and project the right image to your attendees, and our team offers extensive industry expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

    To learn more about our servicing solutions, reach out to us to discuss your event and how we can help.

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