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    We are always ready for in-person events!  When you work with HB Live, we can convert almost any room or venue into an event space.  From stage lighting design and audio visual services to display and video quality, all your event’s details require seamless coordination to provide the best experience for attendees. It is essential to focus on your audience without getting overwhelmed by the logistics that are involved in event production.

    If you’re looking for live event streaming services or live event production services you can trust, the production team at HB Live to help. Explore our offerings to see how we can keep your event running smoothly and successfully.

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    Our Live Event Service Solutions

    We provide various live event production services to meet your unique planning and operations needs. Our team understands that audience engagement and the experience your audience has is critical, and our goal is to help you create a vibrant atmosphere that keeps them interested and attentive. Whether your event is large or small, we’ll partner with you to develop an on-site experience that feels personal and dynamic. We help clients get the most from hotel ballrooms, convention centers, atriums and corporate multi-purpose rooms – with the right event solutions even the great outdoors can become your meeting room.

    Our services extend across all stages of planning, from preproduction to implementation on the event day. As we work with you, our highly experienced team seamlessly combines your branding and design with creative ideas to maximize your event’s impact on attendees. Throughout the process, we can collaborate with your key planners and producers — from program executives to marketing professionals to meeting planners — to help them make your vision a reality.

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    Benefits of Our Live Event Production Services

    When you partner with our experienced event technology and av team, we’re here to support your event’s success in any way we can. With HB Live at your side, you can take advantage of several key benefits, including:

    • Improved attendee experience: With our dynamic solutions for enhancing production capabilities, you can hold your event in an intimate, engaging setting that attendees will enjoy and remember.
    • Optimized technological solutions: Our team offers creative, optimized technical solutions. We provide the perfect balance of equipment, technology and staff to design the perfect onsite solution and event outcome.
    • Smooth planning and day-of management: You need your event to go off without a hitch; you can trust our experts to handle all the event management details for you so you can focus on your audience.
    • Expert support: We bring extensive industry experience to support your unique requirements and create a powerful event experience for everyone in attendance.
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    Event Service Options We Offer

    To help you create a memorable event that keeps your audience excited and interested, we provide a range of live event production services. Our offerings for on-site meetings include:

    1. Audio
    2. Display and projection
    3. AV staging
    4. Lighting
    5. Live Event Streaming and Hybrid Video Options
    6. Cameras, recording and switching
    7. Producers and moderators
    8. Experienced technicians and operators

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    Types of Live Events

    No matter what type of live event you’re looking to hold, don’t hesitate to contact HB Live for assistance. We’ve provided services for all different types of events including:

    1. Corporate Town Hall
    2. Board Meetings
    3. Sales Kick-Offs
    4. Gala Events
    5. Award Programs
    6. TEDx Programs

    We have helped produce many corporate events and are eager to help you with yours.

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    Create Dynamic and Memorable Events With HB Live

    Whatever your ideas for an outstanding event design are, choose HB Live to help your attendees get the most from it. We use knowledge gleaned over our 30 years of experience to support your goals and ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Our event solutions and expertise equip us to deliver powerful experiences that will resonate with your audience.

    If you’d like to find out more about our offerings, we’re happy to speak with you about your specific situation and what solutions you’re interested in exploring. Get in touch with us today.

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