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    Personalized & Memorable Events

    The term “Hybrid Event” became prevalent only recently. Prior to 2020, we may have used terms like “video conference” or “satellite link” to describe joining two or more live events with different audiences.

    Whether your attendees are in-house or across the country, running a hybrid event requires the right mix of managing technical details and creating great audience experiences. At HB Live, we’re always ready to help! We can work with you to create a personalized, memorable event that enhances attendees’ experience online or in person.

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    Global Economic Outlook Event

    Our Hybrid Event Solutions

    A fully-hybrid event requires attention to four main groups — in-room presenters, remote presenters, in-room audience and online audience. We create a personal and engaging atmosphere for all of these groups and leave attendees feeling inspired and excited by small events, large gatherings and everything in between.

    On-Site Services for Hybrid Events

    HB Live can turn a range of room types and sizes at your venue into the perfect space for your program. Our team offers audiovisual solutions and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure everyone can follow along and stay engaged throughout the event. We incorporate technology solutions that puts the remote presenters on the big screen and allows both in-person and online presenters to interact seamlessly, allowing for simple audience engagement on both ends.

    Online Services for Hybrid Events

    Remote presenters are made comfortable — enough to make their appearance on the big screen seem natural. Our goal is to provide an optimized experience that makes them feel like they’re in the room with the presenters. From tech solutions to our expert team of production engineers, we bring all the necessary tools to keep audio sharp and visuals clear throughout the event, helping those on the other side of the screen get the most from their attendance.

    We’ll work closely with your planners, marketing professionals and program executives throughout the production process to keep the event on schedule and aligned with your brand.

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    Advantages of Our Hybrid Event Solutions

    With our options to support your hybrid event production needs, you can gain key benefits like:

    • Optimized presenter experience: We know how to craft a comfortable and natural setting for presentations and discussions.
    • Optimized attendee experience: When you partner with us, we can enhance the event environment and ensure it’s enjoyable and engaging for your guests.
    • Expert support: HB Live offers extensive industry expertise to keep your event running as smoothly as possible.
    • Seamless management: From planning to day-of management, our team can handle all the logistics of production execution and management so you can pull off your event without a hitch.
    • Technological solutions: With state-of-the-art tools and creative solutions to fit your needs, we offer the technologies to support exceptional audio quality, visual effects, displays and video streaming options.

    HB Live Hybrid Event Production Services

    To help create a vibrant environment and keep audience members interested, we offer a range of hybrid production services. From town hall meetings and elegant galas to board meetings and networking opportunities, we can equip all your events with solutions customized to your needs.

    Work with us for services like:

    1. Experienced operators and technicians
    2. Audio
    3. Cameras, recording and switching
    4. AV staging
    5. Lighting
    6. Display and projection
    7. Hybrid video live stream options
    8. Producers and moderators

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    Create Dynamic and Memorable Events With HB Live

    Whatever your vision for the perfect hybrid event, HB Live is here to help! We have been doing “hybrid” for decades — the tools have only gotten better — and we help your presenters and attendees get the best possible production value at your event.

    Are you interested in exploring our solutions? We’re happy to chat about your unique event and the options we can provide to fulfill your specific requirements. Whether you are planning a hybrid conference, team meeting, panel discussion, or other we are here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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