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    HB Live Produces Virtual Event For More Than 200 Attendees

    The Connecticut Association of Healthcare Executives (CTAHE) is a chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. These associations are professional societies of healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems, and other healthcare organizations. They often hold educational events that offer credentials signifying board certification in healthcare management.

    CTAHE previously held an annual event at a prestigious dinner location that would gather a large audience of association members and prospective members. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented them from holding that event and looked to find a virtual event solution. This is where HB Live came in to help.

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    Client Program
    CTAHE sought a diverse and lengthy virtual event schedule. The event had a two-hour agenda with more than 20 individual presenters and panelists. This included:

    • Scripted presentations by the leadership of CTAHE,
    • Two keynote presentations from healthcare executives who wanted to present slides from their own computers,
    • Interactive chat between audience members and the CTAHE leaders,
    • Panel and Q&A discussions,
    • Polling/voting, and
    • Two video segments

    Client Challenges
    While many have gotten used to using ‘Zoom-like’ solutions, their team was not equipped to handle an event of this complexity. Some of the challenges CTAHE faced were:

    • Producing a video with soundbites of multiple people that needed to be recorded over a ‘Zoom-like’ call.
    • Designing a technical solution that could accommodate more than 20 presenters and more than 80 attendees that ran seamlessly.
    • Running rehearsals with the presenters prior to the virtual event.
    • Seamlessly integrating voting technology for their association to approve the leadership team for 2020–2021
    • Creating a clear mechanism for multiple Q&A moderators to receive and answer questions that were specific to their agenda topic.
    • Managing who was on-screen alone or in a group for specific agenda items with more than 20 people logged into a virtual green room within the broadcast platform.
    • Simulating an appropriate virtual audience response to award winners when announced.
    • Orchestrating the entire live event when their team already had key roles to play during the event.

    virtual event value added features

    HB Live Delivery
    CTAHE turned to HB Live to produce the event. The Live team was able to design and produce an event that was widely acclaimed and flawlessly executed. This included:

    • Audio/video capture and edit of multiple spokespersons into a cohesive video production that closed the event.
    • Using Zoom as the front-end of the production to manage the presenters, then streaming out that presentation to a platform which gave all attendees an identical online experience.
    • Conducting rehearsals prior to the event that enhanced the live presentation experience and training presenters on best practices for their virtual setup.
    • Executing a polling solution for their association voting segment that was easy to use and captured the data for legal compliance.
    • Designing and executing a chat and Q&A solution that seamlessly appeared and disappeared throughout the event and was easy for attendees to use. While on the back end, segment-specific questions were routed to the appropriate moderator assigned to conduct the Q&A portion.
    • Taking multiple sources into a production switcher that allowed for split-screen, full-screen, and integration of graphics/media that perfectly suited the vision the client had for the agenda.
    • Leveraging the live chat capabilities to turn on for two separate awards segments and gave the audience a chance to pile on words of affirmation and appreciation towards the recipients.
    • Utilizing a small production crew that took all the heavy lifting from the shoulders of the event organizers.

    Overall the event went exactly to plan. HB Live was able to help CTAHE answer that question of “How do you get 200 healthcare leaders to sit through two hours of virtual meeting?” The answer, with HB Live’s help.

    HB Live can help you produce a meeting that keeps an audience’s attention and accommodates the same breakout session as an in-person event.

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