Presenter Habits That Really Annoys Audiences

    Post By dan, January 28, 2020

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    Presenters that take too much time, according to a study completed by AMA (the American Management Association) is listed in the top 5 most annoying presenter habits. On the flip side, …speakers that glance at their watch or phone during the presentation quickly lose credibility with the audience.

    HB Live Recommends: Speaker Timers

    Having a sense of time provided by speaker timers helps presenters speak at a comfortable pace without feeling rushed by an imaginary clock in their head.

    Using speaker timers is also a simple and effective tool:

    • That ensures your program stays on schedule.
    • Helps make sure everyone’s time is treated fairly.
    • Spares moderators the need to interrupt.
    • Helps speakers end smoothly.
    • Gives your event an overall professional appearance.

    The Tech: Speaker Timers


    A speaker timer is an automated timekeeper that controls a remote signal light alerting speakers to the end of an allotted amount of time.

    Benefits & Value the Tech Creates

    • Can be set to count-up or down.
    • Can display and change Green/Yellow/Red indicators depending on presenter needs.
    • Minutes can be added or shaved off the timer during the presentation offering flexibility if your program needs to change.
    • Can be set to a clock – time of day feature.

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