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    Optimize Your Next Live Stream

    Corporations from finance to aerospace to pharmaceuticals all need to reach their work-from-anywhere teams and partners. You have to up the game when you want to ensure that your employees experience a high-quality, well-produced CEO town hall, special announcement or even general business communications. HB Live applies TV-like production and best-in-class technology to turn a typical live stream into an EventCasting Event. We offer expert services to take care of all the production logistics while helping your audience feel like they’re right in the room with you.

    If you need a trusted service provider to improve your live stream, turn to HB Live and our EventCasting service for help. Explore how a live streaming production company like HB Live can optimize your next live stream with our services.

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    EventCasting Solutions to Fit Your Needs

    EventCasting — on one hand, it’s an event. Typically, there’s a live, in-room audience and the presenter wants to feel connected to the people they’re addressing. On the other hand, it’s a broadcast. Importantly, the remote audience needs to experience the same sense of engagement as the people in the room.

    Are you creating an interactive event where audience members can provide input? Do you have a great keynote speaker and want to ensure attendees get the audio loud and clear? Whatever your goals, HB Live’s professional producers and technicians can take care of the details and keep your live stream running seamlessly.

    Our solution starts with high-quality audio and video capture, then adds TV-style graphics and a customized layout, attracting viewers to stay engaged. The delivery solution is highly scalable and implements best-in-class technologies to provide our high-quality EventCasting services. Featuring IBM Cloud Video, our solutions capture computer graphics, audio and video in real-time for your viewers.

    HB Live’s experienced team knows how to set the room with lighting and video systems that enhance the broadcast experience without diminishing the live experience. We pay attention to the speaker and the content, switching fluidly to the feed most relevant at that moment.

    Once the event is complete, we help you publish it online for anyone who needs more of the message and wants to hear it again (or was at the dentist that day).

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    Why Choose Our Live Streaming Solutions?

    With solutions from HB Live, you can leverage multiple advantages to enhance your live streaming event. We understand that you have enough planning logistics to navigate, and we’ll handle the production process to ensure seamless EventCasting.

    Benefits of our services include:

    • Optimal attendee experience: Your event starts with the in-person setting. We prioritize creating great staging, lighting, projection and sound for the live audience. We then turn our focus to an intentionally crafted experience for the online viewers. This focus ensures your attendees’ EventCasting experience is the best it can be.
    • State-of-the-art technology: Live streaming your event just got better. We use the latest equipment and tech to keep audio and displays clear and engaging for your audience on the other side of the screen.
    • Creative production: Your online audience needs to feel like they are a VIP in the room. HB Live’s creative staff can design a unique experience, giving those viewers exclusive content to rival the in-room event.
    • Expert solutions: With extensive industry experience and specialized skillsets, our team can support all your production logistics needs. We help your event stand out for all the right reasons.

    Our Live Streaming Solutions

    Whether you’re hosting HR training, a commencement, a town hall or a range of other events, we can create the ideal EventCasting experience for your audience.

    When you partner with us, you can take advantage of solutions including:

    1. Producers and moderators
    2. Audio
    3. Professional video
    4. Lighting
    5. Engagement tools like polling and word clouds
    6. Graphics and customized screen layouts
    7. Highly reliable, enterprise streaming solution
    8. Experienced operators and technicians

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    Optimize Your EventCasting With HB Live

    Choose HB Live to support your event creation goals and build a live stream experience your audience will love. HB Live is here to coordinate the production details and provide enhanced value for your event from start to finish.

    Do you want more information about our solutions? Our team is available to talk about your specific event and what services you might need. Reach out to us today to consult about your upcoming event!

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