Case Study

Walter Camp Football Awards Dinner

Every year for the last 130 years, the Walter Camp Football Foundation has honored its All-American Team.  What better way to honor the giants on the field than an evening of celebration off the field?  The awards dinner is a 50+ year tradition.  While you might not see an end zone dance here, you will see bright lights, big screens and crowds roaring.

The Venue is the Challenge

Yale's Woolsey Dining Hall (now known as the Schwarzman Center) is an exceptional architectural structure.  The long, narrow room, high ceiling and stone construction presents challenges to offering an intimate experience for the dinner guests.  HB Live accepts the challenge of creating a visually appealing presentation along with excellent sound quality

The Solution

Since the first time we rolled a case into the hall, HB Live continuously improved the system each year, factoring in new technology, lessons learned and the client's budget. A multi-camera television-like production is projected onto massive screens in the hall to give the audience a close-up view of all the action.  Some years, even ESPN and WTNH use that video feed in their broadcasts!  Nearly 300 feet of truss is flown to support a distributed sound system, filling the hall with high-quality sound in each corner.  The lighting system provides ambiance, and allows the HB Live production team to highlight particular features within the hall so the audience knows where to focus their attention - never missing a moment.

Two weeks of setup and tuning culminate in the hottest ticket in town!  Are you ready for some football?