Case Study

Live Event Streaming Management And Production

HB Live has the experience to deliver your event and message to remote audiences around the world.  Utilizing best-in-breed equipment and featuring web services by IBM Cloud Video, our highly scalable solution is robust and reliable.  We call this EventCasting.

The Challenge

Many streaming services are managed remotely, requiring presenters to submit slides and content days in advance and restricting computer graphics to static images only.  Additionally, the traditional player windows are locked to a single layout, minimizing creativity and producing a poorly-engaging experience for the audience.

The Solution

HB Live's solution captures video, audio and computer graphics in real time and in full motion.  This means that presenters can display dynamic content and our production team can adjust the display to create a highly engaging end user expereince.  Additionally, our services can include moderated Q&A so presenters can be connected to the audience.  Other features like chat and social media engagement are also available.

Our flexible solution is perfect for sales presentations, CEO town hall, HR training, commencement or any other event appropriate for remote audiences.  Years of experience allows us to deliver quality video reliably over internet or intra-net.  Combine event streaming with our live event production and creative services and your brand message is consistently and effectively delivered to your audience - both in-person and remote.