Case Study

American Manufacturers Hall of Fame

In 2017, the American Manufacturers Hall of Fame was looking for ways to polish their annual inductee ceremony without losing sight of their mission: to provide deserving students with scholarships and tuition assistance for the Housatonic Community College Advanced Manufacturing Program. 

Looking to broaden the organization’s appeal to manufacturing industry insiders and the general public, the HCC Foundation Board of Directors engaged HB Live to curate their brand experience. An awards ceremony has many moving parts and HB Live worked closely with the AMHoF to oversee and execute all aspects of the event to produce a more engaging, dynamic experience. 

The year-long preparations started with a series of meetings where HB Live drafted a laundry list of event committee goals for improvements. We quickly determined the most effective way to improve the live event would not be a complete overhaul; instead, recommendations were made to streamline the event timeline and upgrade the video content, specifically the show opener and the inductee history films. 

However, to immerse honorees in the gala, the client insisted that these history films be produced with as little inductee participation as possible. Overcoming this obstacle would require us to speed up the typical video production process by devising new ways to research facts, draft narration, and gather visual elements. Producing the show opener was less challenging; to identify the best approach, we studied the previous vendor’s work. Not surprisingly, a counterpoint to the documentary approach of the history films was needed. Armed with this knowledge, we set our sights on producing an interview piece focusing on the inspirational people both supporting and benefiting from the scholarship program.   

Meanwhile, we took a deep dive into the mechanics of past induction ceremonies. The disconnect in previous years between the presenters and their audience was largely due to missteps in the show-flow, which caused an overly long and seemingly disorganized whole. Refinements included the addition of a stage manager to guide presenters to the podium and then to the backdrop for publicity photos; condensing and modernizing the MC’s script; and adherence to a rigid run-of-show to limit the entirety of the evening’s program to a tight hour. 

With the client’s trust and support, HB Live was able to deliver the desired shine to the fourth annual American Manufacturers Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Inductees and luminaries all had a great time and raved that 2017 was the best year yet. As a result, all in attendance have become advocates for the Housatonic Community College Advanced Manufacturing Program and HB Live has been contracted to produce year 5.